Pigro Intelligent
Search API

The straightforward solution to build search experiences
that provide clear-cut answers.

Your search needs
a span king.

Your search needs a span king.

Pigro delivers top in class search solutions able to get only the most relevant spans of text that answer the query.
Rely on a robust structure that allows you to import content in HTML, Office formats and plain text, in any language. Enable natural language search for your application without the headache of semantic solutions. Offer users both accurate results and great saving in time and effort.

Experience the API technology of Pigro

Learning curve: no need to study endless documentation to integrate our api in your application.

Up and run in minutes: implement and set up your solution with just a few lines of code.

No tuning required: our technology provides accurate results without additional configuration.

Just focus on building: we take care of performances and reliability of the infrastructure.

Test for free.

1000 API call per month

only for testing purposesFree for 3 monthsDo you like it? Contact us at api@pigro.ai
Support for office files, html and plain text
Multilingual support
Query correction

No credit card required
Pigro helps people find clear-cut answers inside the ever-growing knowledge bases of their organizations

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